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Medical, Pediatric & Surgical Inpatient Units
Licking Memorial Hospital
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors
1320 West Main Street
Newark, Ohio 43055
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Medical Unit
On the medical units located on the fourth floor, patients receive specialized care for, but not limited to: general, medical, cardiopulmonary, neurological and renal diagnoses.
Pediatric Unit
Pediatric care is provided on the 4-East Unit. The Pediatric Care Unit is designated for children ages 0-17 years of age. Patients have the opportunity to keep busy with activities such as coloring books and crayons, video games, puzzles, board games and DVDs to watch. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in their child’s care, and are offered a hospital bed or roll away bed to provide a comfortable stay.
Our patient rooms have equipment designed to fit children of all ages and sizes. Other special features of the pediatric unit include:
  • A private area for breastfeeding
  • Open visiting hours
  • Toys, books and games available for pediatric patients to use in their rooms
  • We provide an additional hospital bed for one family member to stay overnight
  • Care from our staff that is compassionate and understanding
Click here for more information on the Pediatric Inpatient Hospitalists.
Surgical Unit
On the surgical units located on the fifth and sixth floors, care is provided for, but not limited to: general, gynecologic, ophthalmologic, urological, vascular and orthopedic surgery. 
On the Medical/Surgical Units we strive to offer private rooms. The units are open 24 hours daily for visitation. The nursing and support staff caring for the patients on these units have a diverse medical and surgical background in health care, and an individual plan of care is provided for each patient with the support of an interdisciplinary clinical team. 
Service Information
A child’s primary care physician (PCP) or pediatrician may ask a pediatric hospitalist to assist in the care of a pediatric patient while he or she is admitted to Licking Memorial Hospital. A pediatric hospitalist is a physician who is located at the Hospital and provides medical supervision for children, as well as timely communication in consultation with the patient's PCP or pediatrician.