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Maternal Child FAQs
Do I need to go to the Registration Desk when coming to the Labor & Delivery department?

No. You will go directly to the Labor and Delivery Department located on the third floor. The registration process will be completed there.

What are the visiting hours for maternity patients?
Due to COVID-19, Licking Memorial Hospital has temporarily adjusted its visitation policy to keep patients safe from infection.  Guidelines may change depending on current COVID conditions.  Please visit for more information on our visitors policy.

If I choose to breastfeed, will assistance be available in the hospital?

Yes, a specially trained lactation nurse will be available to assist you and your new baby, to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience.

How will I know when to feed my baby?
Your postpartum nurse will provide complete education on care of yourself as well as care of your baby, including how often and how much your baby will eat. You should feed your baby within the first hour of life and on demand when baby is showing feeding cues.  This should be 8-12 feedings in a 24-hour period.

Will my son be circumcised while in the hospital?
Circumcision may be performed if it is desired by the parents and will involve a conversation with your pediatrician.          

Will my baby’s hearing be tested before discharge?
Yes, the State of Ohio requires hospitals to perform a hearing screen on all newborns prior to discharge. You will be notified of the screening results before going home.

Should my newborn have the Hepatitis B immunization while in the hospital? 
Yes, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all newborns receive the first dose of Hepatitis B immunization prior to discharge.

How will I obtain the baby’s birth certificate?

While on the postpartum unit, you will be asked to provide information required for the completion of the birth certificate. The formal birth certificate will be completed by our staff and electronically submitted to the Ohio Department of Health. Approximately two weeks after the birth of your child, the birth certificate can be obtained from the Licking County Health Department, located on Price Road. You will receive a complimentary certificate from the hospital, but this is not an official document. It is simply a keepsake.

How long will I be in the hospital following delivery?
Patients who deliver vaginally and experience no complications usually are discharged two days after delivery. Those who require cesarean section delivery are typically discharged in three days providing they experience no complications.