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Electrical Appliances
In order to reasonably protect patients, staff and visitors from hazards related to the use of electrically powered equipment or appliances, the use of certain devices not owned/rented/leased by Licking Memorial Health Systems (LMHS), especially in critical care areas, is highly discouraged, but is not prohibited. Patients may be permitted to use their own equipment or equipment that they lease, if a suitable LMHS-owned or rented equivalent is not available. LMHS clinical staff has the authority to remove any device that is unsafe or is being used in an unsafe manner. In addition, LMHS reserves the right to inspect and/or impound any and all devices suspected of causing adverse operational characteristics or patient outcomes.
Emergency Codes
Routine fire drills and other emergency drills are conducted throughout the Hospital on a regular basis. These exercises help staff members practice emergency procedures to help maximize your safety in the event of an actual emergency. Patients are asked to remain in their rooms during fire drills and other drills.