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At Licking Memorial Hospital (LMH) we realize the importance of effective communication while you are under our care. We offer the following communication services in order to provide patients the most positive experience possible. 
Each patient room is equipped with a telephone and a direct dial number. Please give your phone number to family and friends so they can call you directly. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
  • Local calls: dial “8” and then the phone number, including the area code – includes: Alexandria, Buckeye Lake, Granville, Hanover, Heath, Hebron, Johnstown, Kirkersville, and Pataskala 
  • Cell phones are permitted in patient rooms
NOTE: If you receive a fast busy signal while trying to place an outgoing call, you could be experiencing an “all lines busy” situation. Please hang up and try your call again in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this signal, dial “0” for assistance.
Patient Passcode
In order to better protect your privacy, a four-digit passcode is assigned to each patient to give to the family members and friends the patient would like LMH to share updates on patient condition, results from the laboratory, radiology and other testing, patient diagnosis, prognosis, and discharge instructions.

The family member or friend seeking information will need to provide the passcode and the patient's date of birth to a nurse or other staff member that they are speaking with in order to receive any information other than the patient's general condition.  This passcode will serve as the authorization to disclose personal health information for purposes such as communicating results, findings and care decisions to family members and friends.  

The facility is not responsible for the distribution of this passcode and will assume that the patient or patient's legal representative is taking reasonable measures to protect the given passcode.  The patient may revoke someone's access to the passcode by requesting a new passcode.  Redistribution of the passcode is the responsibility of the patient or patient's legal representative.

If the patient approves of sharing health information with family members and/or friends, please also provide the family members and/or friends with the patient's date of birth.  The passcode is only valid during the current hospital stay.
Hearing/Language Interpretation
To ensure effective communication with patients and/or their companions who are deaf, hard of hearing, do not speak English or have limited English proficiency, we offer American Sign Language interpreters, assistive interpretation devices and language translation services at no cost. Please let your nurse or other Hospital healthcare provider know if these services are needed.
Complimentary wireless Internet access is available to patients and visitors at various locations throughout the Hospital.  A brochure may be requested to assist with any questions users may have.